DeepKnowledge is now available on Android

DK Android

Today we are excited to announce the Android version of our mobile app
It is powered by the same DeepKnowledge engine and offers features such as sign in once and usage dashboards for administrators
Designed for students, learners and researchers, DeepKnowledge for Android is the latest in our app offerings and will evolve in the next versions with more exciting featuresDeepKnowledge

Download the app on your Android mobile or tablet, login using the same credentials provided by your institution and access all your electronic subscriptions in one place



The ChatBot is your virtual assistant, it recognizes natural language and can answer over 10,000 questions related the way the e-library control panel and the various apps can be used.


A new ChatBot will be released soon for end-users (non-admins) as well in order to answer their most commonly asked questions regarding content access, search, account information and library portal features.

The new Dashboard

With the new Dashboard, you can now visualize all your critical KPI’s, monitor usage and visitor traffic, analyze trends, view important alerts and notifications

  • Visualize important indicators such as the number of logins, access to content and or registrations across a period of time. Compare with the past month or year, select only the resources or user groups you are interested in and turn data into insights
  • A multitude of charting options and types is available for you to choose from in order to provide you with the most accurate graphic representation of your library data
  • Use the Keyword clouds in order to quickly identify the most important study subjects and search terms your library users are interested in
  • Monitor your MailBlast™ campaigns performance, see the number of opens/clicks in real-time, get insights on the quality of your users email base and deliverability index
  • Know where your visitors and users are coming from and compare usage across mobile apps versus web. Turns traffic data into real insights, identify the most popular posts and pages on your e-library site
  • DeepKnowledge™ Smart Print Manager allows you to control the entire print circulation workflow in an easy way. Populate your collection by importing MARC records or entering identifiers, your books meta-data is automatically recognized and imported into your database and becomes instantly available for users to loan out/in. For more information on your circulation statistics, you can head to the Print reports in order to get the most useful insights about your print collection usage

EBSCO Discovery Services is now available in DeepKnowledge

EBSCO has collaborated with TechKnowledge, the main distributor of DeepKnowledge e-library system in order to perform API integration and make EDS available for hundreds of thousands of academic and medical users across the MENA region and Turkey

Subscribers now can enjoy the same powerful content discovery options available in EDS within their DeepKnowledge user interface and mobile version, as well as additional features such as saved searches, email alerts and advanced filtering capabilities

The user interface is also available in multiple languages including Turkish, Arabic, Spanish and French

For more information on DeepKnowledge, please visit