Bulk user import is now available!

You can now bulk import users and send them their access details by email just in a few clicks.

Head to the Users option in the Control center, scroll all the way down and click on “Import users from Excel”

You will then see the import page which explains what are the steps necessary in order to upload and import into your institutional account a list of user accounts and send them individual emails (which is an automated step)

Make sure that you download the xls template first, that you have to use during the user accounts import process.

After uploading the file, the system will automatically determine valid records that can be imported into your institutional account, based on several factors (email validity, missing data…), then you get to select settings related to the import and customize the message that will be sent via email.

For more information on the bulk import feature, please get in touch with our support at support@techknowledge.ae

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