EBSCO Discovery Services is now available in DeepKnowledge

EBSCO has collaborated with TechKnowledge, the main distributor of DeepKnowledge e-library system in order to perform API integration and make EDS available for hundreds of thousands of academic and medical users across the MENA region and Turkey

Subscribers now can enjoy the same powerful content discovery options available in EDS within their DeepKnowledge user interface and mobile version, as well as additional features such as saved searches, email alerts and advanced filtering capabilities

The user interface is also available in multiple languages including Turkish, Arabic, Spanish and French

For more information on DeepKnowledge, please visit www.dkelibrary.com

MuseKnowledge Search Service

Check out this great video from our Search Service partners at Muse.

For more information on aggregating the MuseKnowledge Search Service into your DeepKnowledge e-library system, please contact our support team at support@techknowledge.ae
For more information on the MuseGlobal Products, please visit http://www.museglobal.com/