Announcing Guest Access

Libraries can now setup guest access within their IP range perimeter and campus in order to provide one-click access to their electronic resources, which does not require user account registration or login

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Announcing DDoS Mitigation Services

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the security in the services delivered through the DeepKnowledge Library Management Platform, we are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Arbor Networks, a leading internet security firm, in order to further strengthen our network and applications security

What is DDoS Mitigation?

DDos stands for Distributed Denial of Service, which is a technique malicious entities use to flood network infrastructure and target websites with a large amount of traffic distributed over a large amount of infected machines across the world in order to slow down access. The mitigation service we have put in place automatically detects these types of attacks and re-routes malicious traffic into different scrubbing networks, which enables the online services to remain online and unaffected

The following Diagram describes the extra 3 protection layers we have put in place recently

What are the benefits of DDoS Mitigation Services?

In today’s word and the current security context and landscape, protection against all types of attacks and intrusions is critically important for any online service, and we at DeepKnowledge consider security at the top of our priorities
Some of the immediate benefits of the enhanced security services are

Multi-layered protections
The network is secure with layered protections, from network wide packet scanning, through granular traffic analysis, down to server-level anomaly detection, for the most comprehensive protection against volumetric DDoS attacks, network and session layer attacks, DNS attacks, and more.

Avoid Downtime
The network is secure with layered protections, from network wide packet scanning, through granular traffic analysis, down to server-level anomaly detection, for the most comprehensive protection against volumetric DDoS attacks, network and session layer attacks, DNS attacks, and more.

Immediate Response
DDoS specialists we work with stay ahead of ongoing or imminent DDoS attacks with on-premises detection and 24x7x365 traffic monitoring to initiate mitigation measures and take the necessary actions when anomalous traffic is identified

What types of malicious traffic can be detected by this new service?

In technical terms, the following types of DDoS can be detected

CGI request, denial of capability, diluted low-rate degrading, direct, DNS request attack, high-rate, disruptive, hybrid attack, ICMP attack, isotropic attack traffic distribution, land attack, Xmas tree, mail bomb, non-isotropic attack traffic distribution, ping of death, reflector, TCP reset, TCP SYN flooding, TCP SYN-ACK, TCP URGPSH, TCP idle attack, CC attack, teardrop attack, HTTP GET floods, HTTP POST floods, SIP invite floods, UDP flooding, URL flood, LOIC and HOIC DNS/NTP/SSDP/RIPv1 and other reflection/amplification attacks, slow POST, varied rate, using regex filters

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The new Dashboard

With the new Dashboard, you can now visualize all your critical KPI’s, monitor usage and visitor traffic, analyze trends, view important alerts and notifications

  • Visualize important indicators such as the number of logins, access to content and or registrations across a period of time. Compare with the past month or year, select only the resources or user groups you are interested in and turn data into insights
  • A multitude of charting options and types is available for you to choose from in order to provide you with the most accurate graphic representation of your library data
  • Use the Keyword clouds in order to quickly identify the most important study subjects and search terms your library users are interested in
  • Monitor your MailBlast™ campaigns performance, see the number of opens/clicks in real-time, get insights on the quality of your users email base and deliverability index
  • Know where your visitors and users are coming from and compare usage across mobile apps versus web. Turns traffic data into real insights, identify the most popular posts and pages on your e-library site
  • DeepKnowledge™ Smart Print Manager allows you to control the entire print circulation workflow in an easy way. Populate your collection by importing MARC records or entering identifiers, your books meta-data is automatically recognized and imported into your database and becomes instantly available for users to loan out/in. For more information on your circulation statistics, you can head to the Print reports in order to get the most useful insights about your print collection usage

EBSCO Discovery Services is now available in DeepKnowledge

EBSCO has collaborated with TechKnowledge, the main distributor of DeepKnowledge e-library system in order to perform API integration and make EDS available for hundreds of thousands of academic and medical users across the MENA region and Turkey

Subscribers now can enjoy the same powerful content discovery options available in EDS within their DeepKnowledge user interface and mobile version, as well as additional features such as saved searches, email alerts and advanced filtering capabilities

The user interface is also available in multiple languages including Turkish, Arabic, Spanish and French

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TechKnowledge case study – Rackspace

TechKnowledge is the foremost specialised electronic information knowledge
base provider in the Middle East. The company has formed strategic
partnerships with many of the world’s leading publishers and scientific societies.
It markets access to information and research from the most authoritative
electronic resources and knowledge solutions available to academic, medical,
scientific, corporate and government libraries across the Middle East.
Comprehensive consultancy service
TechKnowledge provides a comprehensive consultancy service on the
development of e-libraries and resource allocation, including e-Journals, e-
Books, databases, associated electronic resources and online knowledge
solutions. Company expertise includes the custom establishment of dedicated
e-library portals as well as the management and implementation of onsite and
online training and workshops.
Latest electronic resources
The key to the company’s success is operating as a sales force extension for
many of the world’s leading academic publishers, while at the same time being
an expert consultant to its many library customers. Publishers and clients alike
entrust TechKnowledge to partner with them and provide the very latest
electronic resources to the Middle Eastern library communities according to
sound and effective investment decisions. Each solution is firmly based on
needs and budget and continuously monitored and followed up to ensure
maximum customer usage and benefit.
Reliable online resource
To provide access to reliable online information sources requires a dedicated hosting
platform with 24-hour support and guaranteed network uptime. Majdi Dhissi is the
Senior Web Developer / IT Manager at TechKnowledge, “When I joined the company
three and a half years ago I immediately realised the pressing need for a professional
web hosting partner…
To read more, please download the full case study in Pdf format Here

Bulk user import is now available!

You can now bulk import users and send them their access details by email just in a few clicks.

Head to the Users option in the Control center, scroll all the way down and click on “Import users from Excel”

You will then see the import page which explains what are the steps necessary in order to upload and import into your institutional account a list of user accounts and send them individual emails (which is an automated step)

Make sure that you download the xls template first, that you have to use during the user accounts import process.

After uploading the file, the system will automatically determine valid records that can be imported into your institutional account, based on several factors (email validity, missing data…), then you get to select settings related to the import and customize the message that will be sent via email.

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Rackspace Bolsters Expanding List of Security Credentials

Our hosting partners at Rackspace® Hosting (NYSE: RAX), the open cloud company, today announced it has received global security certifications and compliance verifications for Service Organization Controls SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3, in addition to complying with the ISO 27001 standard.  These credentials demonstrate Rackspace’s commitment to delivering a secure, open cloud experience for customers.

We at DeepKnowledge always strive at providing a better service to our customers and security is at the top of our priorities.

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New option available for selecting available languages

Today we have launched a new feature that allows administrators and librarians to control the list of available languages on their e-library instance.

The new feature is available in the control center under the access management section and can be easily turned on/off and customized.
The new option also controls at the same time the default language set for the e-library site.
The same option controls the various content management and resource management options and modules available both on the back-office and front-end for your library patrons.
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MuseKnowledge Search Service

Check out this great video from our Search Service partners at Muse.

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