TechKnowledge case study – Rackspace

TechKnowledge is the foremost specialised electronic information knowledge
base provider in the Middle East. The company has formed strategic
partnerships with many of the world’s leading publishers and scientific societies.
It markets access to information and research from the most authoritative
electronic resources and knowledge solutions available to academic, medical,
scientific, corporate and government libraries across the Middle East.
Comprehensive consultancy service
TechKnowledge provides a comprehensive consultancy service on the
development of e-libraries and resource allocation, including e-Journals, e-
Books, databases, associated electronic resources and online knowledge
solutions. Company expertise includes the custom establishment of dedicated
e-library portals as well as the management and implementation of onsite and
online training and workshops.
Latest electronic resources
The key to the company’s success is operating as a sales force extension for
many of the world’s leading academic publishers, while at the same time being
an expert consultant to its many library customers. Publishers and clients alike
entrust TechKnowledge to partner with them and provide the very latest
electronic resources to the Middle Eastern library communities according to
sound and effective investment decisions. Each solution is firmly based on
needs and budget and continuously monitored and followed up to ensure
maximum customer usage and benefit.
Reliable online resource
To provide access to reliable online information sources requires a dedicated hosting
platform with 24-hour support and guaranteed network uptime. Majdi Dhissi is the
Senior Web Developer / IT Manager at TechKnowledge, “When I joined the company
three and a half years ago I immediately realised the pressing need for a professional
web hosting partner…
To read more, please download the full case study in Pdf format Here

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