A brand new alternate resources view

A new and more efficient resources view is now available and can be enabled from the Control Panel at any time

The new resource view includes filters by collection name, content type and publisher and you can also search within the collection list in order to quickly locate the resource you are looking for

The new view can be switched on simply by going to your settings under the control panel and then turn on the “Alternate View”


Get the most out of your electronic subscriptions with the new ROI module

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new ROI module which enables administrators to conduct Cost-Effectiveness Analysis on all the library subscriptions based on their cost-per-click and their daily usage and usage trends

You will be able to set annual subscriptions costs, estimate your annual budget and see in real-time the estimated return on investment in a dedicated dashboard


We will continue improving this module with more exciting features including forecasting and traffic/spend estimations.

Three new reports on the BI Center

You can now download usage counter statistics in XLS format from the BI center for further analysis.

The three new reports available are:

  • Top users by number of views: those are the library champions who accessed online resources the most within a certain time period
  • Top users by logins: those are the users who login often to the library portal
  • Top resources: these represent the most popular electronic resources by number of hits