File repository now supports sub-folders

Library administrators can now create subfolders to organize library documents.


Dedicated Report Dashboards


You can now navigate from the main Dashboard on the control panel to dedicated dashboards showing detailed information about certain key aspects of the library usage, including the logins, the registrations and the resources usage.

Library catalog

A full-fledged library catalog application is now available as an optional module that can be activated by administrators and includes library management, ISBN lookup, catalog population via MARC/MARCXML, extensive lending, holdings, circulations statistics and over 360 million catalog records available from OCLC’s WordlCat and Google Books Services.


The ChatBot is your virtual assistant, it recognizes natural language and can answer over 10,000 questions related the way the e-library control panel and the various apps can be used.


A new ChatBot will be released soon for end-users (non-admins) as well in order to answer their most commonly asked questions regarding content access, search, account information and library portal features.