TechKnowledge wins the SME Gulf Capital Digital Business of the Year Award

TechKnowledge has been named the ‘Digital Business of the Year’ at the SME Gulf Capital Digital Business of the Year Award ceremony held on September 25, at the Ritz Carlton DIFC, Dubai.

The Awards identify start-ups, innovative SME’s with exemplary products and services, the SME’s who invest in their employees’ environments, customer strategies and the visionary entrepreneurs leading them.

In presenting the award, the judges noted how TechKnowledge has created products that are a perfect fit for the needs of our society. Specifically included in the judge’s acknowledgement were the contributions and excellence of the Techknowledge distribution business, Al Manhal, Nahla wa Nahil, and DeepKnowledge.

According to the UAE Ministry of Economy, the SME sector represents more than 94 per cent of the total number of companies operating in the country and provides jobs for more than 86 per cent of the private sector’s workforce. In Dubai alone, SMEs make up nearly 95 per cent of all companies, employing 42 per cent of the workforce and contributing approximately 40 per cent of Dubai’s GDP. The UAE Government has ambitious plans to enhance the contribution and performance of the SME sector.

Since 2012, Gulf Capital and MEED have annually presented the SME Awards identifying the UAEs SME growth champions and recognizing the organizations and people who are contributing to the ongoing development of this critical and challenging part of the UAEs economy.

Digital Business of the Year

Open to any UAE business trading online, this award is presented to the candidate that best demonstrates consistent growth and strong financial performance from e-commerce. Judges look for evidence of concept and product development, exceptional implementation, customer engagement & functionality and innovation. Also critical to the criteria is how the company been successful in delivering key goals, competitor advantage, growth and innovation. Judges also look for excellence in customer service, future growth plan, how the business is developing its employees and the leadership of the business.

About the Gulf Capital SME Awards

Library Challenges Resolved

Your Library at Your Fingertips

More than half a million students, researchers, librarians and corporate users no longer face some of the obstacles and challenges of the past. DeepKnowledge has resolved the library challenges for so many already across the Middle East and has initiated an approach to global markets.

DeepKnowledge™ is a phenomenal platform designed ‘by librarians for librarians’ with support in carrying out both critical and everyday functions. The latest information resources, new approaches, efficient methods of storage and preservation, classification and cataloguing are part of the all-in-one solution to make your life easier as a librarian. A Few clicks is all it takes to align your information, decisions and user’s needs.

The platform empowers librarians with administration tools including:

  • Full library control – Control access, manage subscriptions and trials, change content, review usage analytics and manage everything that is included in your e-library.
  • Detailed library usage reports available in one place at any time – Saves time and reduces the risk of delayed decisions regarding content and databases for research.
  • Library access anywhere, from any device, in multiple languages – Single Authentication Point saves your library users time, whether they are located on your campus, or distributed geographically. Languages include Arabic, English, Turkish and the list is growing.
  • Stay connected to your users – Easily and quickly deliver your message to any audience group you prefer.
  • Your own federated search service – search multiple library catalogues, websites, citation databases, and references all at once.
  • Easy publishing or training – Develop your e-library and publish any content of your choice across multiple devices. Easily plan and manage training sessions. DeepKnowledge supports any Web browser.

        Want to get started? 

DeepKnowledge at the IFLA 2019

DeepKnowledge will once again participate in the IFLA World Library and Information Congress, which will be held in Athens, Greece from the 24th through the 30th of august in the Megaron Athens International Convention Centre. The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), is the leading international body representing the interests of library and information services and their users.  

This event is a great opportunity to meet with the leading librarians from around the world and present the latest innovations regarding electronic libraries and Arabic content.

Think Deep

DeepKnowledge, the world’s most comprehensive cloud library service platform, will be there for a week of learning and networking with librarians from all over the world.

DeepKnowledge is the ideal cost effective and efficient solution for institutions that want to immediately launch their e-library. With the DeepKnowledge e-library Platform Service institutions can  choose the features that maximize their researcher’s benefits in a theme of the institution’s choice.

We will have a little fun at the IFLA with a dart-throwing competition at our booth (# G106 ) and invite you to stop by to test your skill and talk with us about how DeepKnowledge can help your patrons find their target!

Conference program

‘DeepKnowledge™’ Launches Global Reach at Event in North American Market

DeepKnowledge™, the in-house developed e-library platform service from TechKnowledge, provides librarians with a vast range of integrated modules allowing them to control access, manage subscriptions and trials, review usage analytics, and manage all content of the e-library.

DeepKnowledge™ will now be available to libraries and librarians worldwide bringing its state-of-the-art platform to customers beyond the Middle East region.  This is a significant development in the network of standard-setting quality providers of education technology.

DeepKnowledge provides a library portal with powerful administration tools, combined analytics, a single authentication point, complete control of library workflows and resources, flexible customization, integrates easily with the federated search service of your choice, and is accessible on any internet connected device.

To kick off the move to global access, TechKnowledge will be exhibiting ‘DeepKnowledge’ on April 10-13, at ACRL 2019 in Cleveland, OH, USA. The ACRL event features more than 500 conference programs selected and presented by leaders in the Libraries profession, as well as the coinciding exhibition, and is attended by a wide North American and international representation.   DeepKnowledge, the next-generation cloud based e-library platform, currently provides universities, schools, medical, corporate, and government libraries across the Middle East with the most authoritative electronic resources and learning solutions.

TechKnowledge CEO, Mohamad Al Baghdadi said, “On the strength and success of DeepKnowledge with libraries across the Middle East, we are extending our availability to customers on a more global scale.” He continued, “While we have had a growing number of customers from around the world, we have not previously had an active presence in far reaching global markets.” Bio Profiles

TechKnowledge President Rany Al Baghdadi added, “We will also be opening a North America office, shortly after this event, to develop and serve our customers on the other side of the Atlantic.”

About TechKnowledge

TechKnowledge is the leading specialized electronic information solutions provider in the Middle East, partnering with the world’s leading publishers, scientific societies, and education technology companies. Through these partnerships and its in-house developed e-library platform service, ‘DeepKnowledge’, TechKnowledge provides universities, schools, medical, corporate, and government libraries across the Middle East with the most authoritative electronic resources and learning solutions.  ‘DeepKnowledge’ provides librarians with a vast range of integrated modules allowing them to control access, manage subscriptions and trials, review usage analytics, and manage all content of the e-library.

TechKnowledge’s Al Manhal business unit is the leading global provider of full-text searchable databases of Arabic scholarly and scientific publications, as well as creator and publisher of Nahla wa Nahil, the leading Arabic leveled reading program for K-5.  ‘The Al Manhal platform’ provides over 3 million students, researchers, and professionals with access to hundreds of thousands of full-text searchable and downloadable Arabic eBooks, eJournals, eTheses, intelligence reports, conference proceedings, and videos.


DeepKnowledge will make its introduction to providing its unique e-library platform services to global markets beginning in the USA at the ACRL 2019 in the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland, OH, USA, on April 10th to 13th, 2019.

DeepKnowledge, the in-house developed e-library platform service from TechKnowledge, provides librarians with a vast range of integrated modules allowing them to control access, manage subscriptions and trials.

DeepKnowledge currently provides universities, schools, medical, corporate, and government libraries across the Middle East with the most authoritative electronic resources and learning solutions.

The ACRL Conference is a once-every-two-years opportunity to access the best information, discover new ideas, and stay at the forefront of the library profession. This event provides opportunities to connect with peers from all over the country and all over the globe, along with access to related content all year long.

Our team is excited to meet you at DeepKnowledge booth #640 and introduce you to our phenomenal platform service.

For more information about the ACRL, please visit:


Bir dil engelinin çok büyük bir zaman kaybı olduğuna inandığımız için, ekibimiz DeepKnowledge kontrol panelini geliştirmek için çok çalışıyor. Kontrol panelinin artık hem Arapça hem de Türkçe olarak mevcut olduğunu duyurmaktan heyecan duyuyoruz.Aşağıda kontrol paneli özelliklerinden bazılarını vurgulayan ekran görüntüleri verilmiştir:

بلغاتها الجديدة DeepKnowledgeلوحة تحكم

يسرنا أن نشارككم بمخرجات العمل الدؤوب الذي قام به فريقنا في الآونة الأخيرة والمتمثل بتطوير لوحة تحكم DeepKnowledge لتصبح متوفرة باللغتيْن العربية والتركية، فكما عودناكم في DeepKnowledge نحن نسعى ونعمل دائماً على تطوير المنصة بما يخدم ويسهّل سير أعمال مستخدمي المنصة

:نستعرض لكم أدناه بعض ميّزات لوحة التحكم

We have a new Content Delivery Network

We are excited to announce today that we have recently migrated a significant content area of DeepKnowledge Library Services Platform to a new Content Delivery Network, Amazon CloudFront powered by Amazon S3 redundant cloud storage

Our goal is to always maintain focus on commitment to upkeep your access, response time and quality of service compliant with the highest levels and standards, and the primary benefit of this move is to achieve significantly faster responses for page load time, an important consideration is given that the majority of your end-users access through web or mobile web browsers.


Low-latency content delivery

Now, with over 150 regional presence points including 139 cache edge locations, content will be served from now on based on your end-user location from the nearest lower latency point. This enables us to achieve extremely fast loading time close to 200 milliseconds, as well as greater scalability so that you don’t have to worry about the high traffic time, you can be sure that your e-library portal will load exactly as fast as during low traffic times

For the complete list of CloudFront edge locations, please see



All content is served exclusively from HTTPS endpoints using SSL/TLS encryption for increased security and maximum browser compatibility CloudFront CDN also improves security via dedicated web application firewalls and DDoS mitigation services in order to ensure that only authorized users have access to the content


The way we have architected the Content Delivery is based on a fully redundant structure which enables multiple failover systems to automatically take over in the case of a single node failure. This ensures continuity of service delivery to your end-users from backup content sources at all times

If you need more information, please get in touch at

DeepKnowledge is now available on Android

DK Android

Today we are excited to announce the Android version of our mobile app
It is powered by the same DeepKnowledge engine and offers features such as sign in once and usage dashboards for administrators
Designed for students, learners and researchers, DeepKnowledge for Android is the latest in our app offerings and will evolve in the next versions with more exciting featuresDeepKnowledge

Download the app on your Android mobile or tablet, login using the same credentials provided by your institution and access all your electronic subscriptions in one place