Upgrade Research & Learning Excellence with e-Library Infrastructure from DeepKnowledge™

DeepKnowledge™, a digital solution from TechKnowledge, is a specialized e-library platform designed to transform the way libraries operate in present day.

Essentially, it is a cloud-based platform that extends its subscribers with the most authoritative electronic resources and learning solutions in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Bundled with a host of carefully designed features, DeepKnowledge™ helps librarians and institutes ensure superlative in-house learning & research, while helping enjoy strong and efficient control over the library management tasks.

Why DeepKnowledge™?    

  • Intuitive and easy to use e-library infrastructure for both management and researchers alike
  • Dedicated remote access facility supporting smooth off campus access for researchers
  • Reliable hosting on fast & secure servers to support the best content browsing experience
  • Compliant with latest GDPR compliances, ensuring uncompromised security for users
  • Inbuilt simplified student communication tools such as MailBlast™, Chat, email and SMS Alerts
  • Intelligent AI backed insights to maximize ROI from the spend in content resources based on actual usage data
  • Cost effective & value for money solution offering high degree of efficiency & excellence
  • Dedicated post-sales support

Owing to its rich array of useful features, DeepKnowledge™ has successfully become a popular and dependable choice for most Library admins, IT specialists, Faculty Deans, Department heads across reputed institutes the MENA region. Over 400,000 of DeepKnowledge™ subscribers vouch that it has enhanced the efficacy of their research learning.

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