Library Challenges Resolved

Your Library at Your Fingertips

More than half a million students, researchers, librarians and corporate users no longer face some of the obstacles and challenges of the past. DeepKnowledge has resolved the library challenges for so many already across the Middle East and has initiated an approach to global markets.

DeepKnowledge™ is a phenomenal platform designed ‘by librarians for librarians’ with support in carrying out both critical and everyday functions. The latest information resources, new approaches, efficient methods of storage and preservation, classification and cataloguing are part of the all-in-one solution to make your life easier as a librarian. A Few clicks is all it takes to align your information, decisions and user’s needs.

The platform empowers librarians with administration tools including:

  • Full library control – Control access, manage subscriptions and trials, change content, review usage analytics and manage everything that is included in your e-library.
  • Detailed library usage reports available in one place at any time – Saves time and reduces the risk of delayed decisions regarding content and databases for research.
  • Library access anywhere, from any device, in multiple languages – Single Authentication Point saves your library users time, whether they are located on your campus, or distributed geographically. Languages include Arabic, English, Turkish and the list is growing.
  • Stay connected to your users – Easily and quickly deliver your message to any audience group you prefer.
  • Your own federated search service – search multiple library catalogues, websites, citation databases, and references all at once.
  • Easy publishing or training – Develop your e-library and publish any content of your choice across multiple devices. Easily plan and manage training sessions. DeepKnowledge supports any Web browser.

        Want to get started? 

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